La Microscopia Elettronica tra scienza e arte

L’infinitamente piccolo al Centro di Microscopia Elettronica da 60 anni all’Università di Ferrara.

Varenna School on Nanoscopy.

Deadline for applications: 10 May 2022



La Società Italiana Scienze Microscopiche, in collaborazione con le Aziende del settore della Microscopia, bandisce n. 4 premi dell’importo di € 500,00 ciascuno, per favorire la partecipazione di ricercatori al MCM2022 (https://www.16mcm.cz/) che si terrà a Brno (Repubblica Ceca), dal 4 al 9 Settembre 2022.

Cell to cell delivery in cancer and therapy: a matter of carriers and messages

Thanks to the exceptional perspectives of Electron Microscopy an increasing number of
molecular events are being positioned and understood within their detailed cellular
context. Additionally, the possibility to investigate the molecular aspects of living matter at
high resolution has recently come into reach thanks to Cryo-electron Microscopy.
This Advanced Course addresses early stage researchers and young scientists, exposing
them the most advanced ultrastructural methods and techniques applied to the different
branches of life sciences. The Course final aim is to advance the participants’ understanding
on the potentials of Electron Microscopy as a new essential tool for their research.

Two webinars introducing to the capabilities of the Electron Microscopy Platform at Milano Bicocca