Pier Giorgio Merli (S)TEM SCHOOL IN MATERIALS SCIENCE - 8th Edition

Pier Giorgio Merli (S)TEM SCHOOL IN MATERIALS SCIENCE - 8th Edition

<i>Pier Giorgio Merli</i> (S)TEM SCHOOL IN MATERIALS SCIENCE  -  8th Edition <br><br>


  • Days

    From 3 October 2022 To 7 October 2022

    From 10 October 2022 To 14 October 2022

  • Address

    CNR - IMM Sezione di Bologna
    Area della Ricerca
    Via P. Gobetti 101, 40129 Bologna, Italy

  • Brochure :

The 8th edition of the Pier Giorgio Merli (Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscopy School, jointly organized by SISM and CNR-IMM, is finally scheduled to be held in early autumn 2022 as an in-person event. In two full weeks, the School will provide students and researchers engaged in the materials science field (physics, chemistry, engineering) with a qualified introduction to Transmission and Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy techniques.

In the first week (October 3-7, 2022) the theoretical background of the main (S)TEM techniques and their simulation algorithms will be detailed. The basis of analytical techniques like EDS and EELS will be also introduced.

In the second week of the School (October 10-14, 2022), the knowledge acquired during the first part will be put into practice. Students, under teacher’s supervision, will operate on the 200 kV (S)TEM installed at the CNR-IMM Institute. Examples of plan-view and cross-sectional TEM samples as well as FIB TEM lamellas preparations will be illustrated.

For the School's fees and for a more complete description of the School’s subjects, please download the brochure and refer to the School’s web site:

The official language is English.

Important notice: applications to the school may be submitted by filling the registration form directly on this website. Applicants may choose to attend either the whole course or the theoretical part only. Please note that it is not possible to register for the practical course only. It will be also possible to attend the theoretical part as a virtual event. As to the practical course, to guarantee enough operating time to all the students, the maximum number of participants is limited to 10. After application acceptance, the School registration has to be completed on this same SISM web site. The School will take place only if a minimum number of 6 registrations to both the theoretical and practical courses will be reached.


To apply to the School please read the following instructions

As the Pier Giorgio Merli (S)TEM SCHOOL is open to students from all countries , different school application procedures exist. The registration process will take place in two steps.

In the first step , you will be asked to specify your status with respect to possible membership to the Italian microscopy society (SISM member) or any other national European microscopy society (EMS member). In both cases, the existence of an active membership will be entitled to a reduced fee. For EMS members, the required personal data will be temporarily recorded in a SISM account (not a membership).
For non-SISM/non-EMS members the registration to the school will give right and include a SISM membership for one year.

In the second step , you may choose your school application option ( in-person full course, in-person theoretical course, virtual theoretical course).

So please, choose your applicant status:
SISM members or already registered EMS members (next page will require you to login)
EMS member (next page will require you to create a temporary SISM account ) 
non-SISM/non-EMS member (next page will require to register a SISM membership ) 

After specifying your status in Step 1, you will be redirected to Step 2.

An e-mail message will be sent to the applicants to communicate both the successful submission and the result of the application’s evaluation. After application acceptance, the school registration has to be completed on this same SISM web site.

Event contact details::


Sezione di Bologna

Phone : 051-6399149