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Practical course in advanced microscopy
ETH Zurich and University of Zurich, Switzerland - January 16-21, 2011

Winterschool 2011 This advanced microscopy course is intended for PhD students and post-graduates with prior experience in microscopy. The goal of the course is to teach and train fundamental knowledge and skills in a specific microscopic technique. Students will be able to apply this technique to their own present and future projects. Practical work consists of seven different modules covering a specific topic each (please see description below). Each module lasts throughout the whole course. Students will participate in one practical module only. For the practical training the students will use the latest instrumentation. Apart from practical modules, theoretical sessions will provide sound background of all the different techniques for all students. An Industry Day, Wednesday, January 19th, provides an overview of the latest developments in instrumentation and techniques currently on the market. Different companies in the field of light and electron microscopy will be invited to this event.


Winterschool in Advanced Microscopy
16-01-2011 - University of Zürich

The 5th Winter School 2011 in 3D Light and Electron Microscopy, organized by EMEZ, the Electron Microscopy ETHZ, LMC the Light Microscopy Center , ETHZ and the Centre for Microscopy and Image Analysis of University of Zurich, covers a very broad imaging program. Cutting edge techniques using a wide range of imaging techniques such as high resolution light microscopy, life cell microscopy, fine structure preparation for TEM. Immune electron microscopy, correlative microscopy (CLSM/FIB/SEM/TEM and FLM/SEM), cryo-TEM and STEM Tomography are put in the context of selected imaging problems. In particular, multimodal and multiscale imaging methods as well as supporting technologies such as computer aided imaging analysis and modeling are discussed.


3rd European short course on "Time-Resolved Microscopy and Correlation Spectroscopy"
Berlin, Germany February 15 - 17, 2011

The course is intended for individuals wishing an in-depth introduction to the principles of time-resolved fluorescence microscopy and its applications to the Life Sciences. Attendees are typically professionals who are using or intend to use fluorescence microscopy in their research. Most attendees have some knowledge of fluorescence, typically in a specialized area. However, other individuals, from totally different research areas and industry, get the opportunity to enter this exciting field in a very effective way and benefit especially from the experimental section.

Email: trfcourse@picoquant.com


European symposium
Freiberg University - 10-11 March 2011

Current Developments in TEM The converence is focused on current trends in transmission electron microscopy and its application in leading edge research. European scientists representing major fields of research are invited to give talks concerning this topic. These form the framework of a scientific agenda giving an overview of recent developments in TEM. The invited lectures will be accompanied by a series of lecture and by a poster session on the above topics, which will give the participants opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange of experience


Focus on Microscopy 2011
Konstanz, Germany, April 17-20, 2011

24th International Conference on 3D ImageProcessing in Microscopy 23rd International Conference on Confocal Microscopy - the theory and practice of multi-dimensional optical microscopy - superresolution, nano-microscopy (SIM, STED, PALM, etc.) - nonlinear excitation techniques (SHG, Raman, THG, OCM) including label-free imaging (CARS, SRS) - fluorescence imaging modes including single-molecule approaches (FRET, FLIM, FCS) - Photo-perturbation methods (FRAP), Photo-activation, Photo-conversion, and quenching based functional imaging techniques for cell biology - laser-mediated manipulation of cells and tissues - fast-acquisition, automated and high-throughput microscopy techniques - related (3D) image processing and analysis approaches

Email: info2011@focusonmicroscopy.org


12th European Workshop of the European Microbeam Analysis Society (EMAS)
Centre de Congrès d'Angers, Angers, France - May 15-19, 2011

The Workshop, with its well established format of tutorials, round table discussions and poster presentations, allowing a through interaction among all participants, will address the latest topics of interest to the microscopist and micro-analyst and to research workers in many fields of applications including: composites, catalysis, glass, microelectronics, sensors, ceramics, mineralogy, geology, environment, surfaces and interfaces, cultural heritage, etc.. (see Programme).

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The 43rd crystallographic course at Ettore Majorana Centre
Ettore Majorana Centre, Erice, Italy 2-12 giugno 2011

In the era of nanoscience, the size of particles to be investigated gets smaller and smaller but the traditional techniques used for characterization of materials are becoming inadequate. Electron Crystallography (EC) is a powerful and sometimes the unique tool to study crystal structure and properties of nano sized materials. It is a broad branch of science comprising both academic research and industrial needs. Materials studied using EC methods vary in size and nature, ranging from inorganic nanoparticles to biological samples. Exciting developments such as aberration correctors, dedicated specimen-holders, highly sensitive cameras, new data acquisition techniques, automated routines for data collection and new data processing softwares allow electron crystallographers to solve crystal structures from nano particles at atomic resolution. The Course intends to review the structure solution using electron crystallography methods as well as novel applications; it will be divided into three major fields: 1) provide a strong background on crystallography in general and electron crystallography in particular 2) introduce students to upcoming techniques for data acquisition and data processing as well as to the state-of-the-art electron microscopy 3) cover different approaches for structure solution and derive structure-property relationship The emphasis will be given on the following subjects: structural and charge density studies of organic molecules like pigments and drugs, protein structures, complicated inorganic and metallic materials in the amorphous, nano-, meso- and quasi-crystalline state, minerals and magnetic materials.


The XIVth International Conference on Electron Microscopy
June 26-30, 2011, Wisła, Poland

The scope of the EM2011 is to provide a broad overview of the recent achievements in electron microscopy in the three major areas of instrumentation and methods, materials science and life science. Plenary and invited lectures will give overviews on exciting new developments highlighting the application of the new electron microscopy techniques in physics, chemistry, materials science and live science.

Email: em2011@us.edu.pl


AFM-BioMed Conference
Parigi 23-27 Agosto 2011

AFM BioMed Conferences are dedicated to life sciences and nanomedicine applications and investigate how Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) solves relevant biological bottlenecks and provides innovative solutions for healthcare. The conferences link International academic and industrial experts in life science, being involved either with AFM use or with medical/biological studies. The meetings provide a clear and comprehensive overview on advances in this field through keynote presentations, lectures, poster sessions and discussion forums. Topics include single molecules, membrane, and cell biology and nanomedicine studies combining imaging and affinity measurements. Presentations stress the impact of AFM techniques in life sciences and nanomedicine. The meetings act as a forum to promote innovative cross linked research and highlight the power of integrating AFM with other optical and analytical techniques.


Microscopy Conference 2011
Kiel - Germany August 28 – September 2, 2011

Email: francesca.rustler@conventus.de


X Multinational Congress on Microscopy 2011
University Scientific Campus, Urbino - Italy, September 4-9, 2011

In the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Multinational Congress, MCM2011 will be again organized by the Italian Society of Microscopical Sciences. Urbino, a middle-age city in the centre of Italy, with a big and ancient University, a pleasant climate and a beautiful nature, will be the Congress site. The scientific program, all running in the University Scientific Campus, will comprise plenary lectures, symposia, poster sessions and workshops. A high quality trade exibition will be also carefully organized in the wide Campus spaces. A Satellite Meeting on ''Tomography and 3D reconstruction''will be organized on September 3-4 in Ancona, a lovely sea-side university city about 100 km far from Urbino, and transfer to the Congress venue will be planned by the Organization. Young scientist participation will be encouraged by offering fellowships, low conference fees and poster prizes.

Email: elisabetta.falcieri@mcm2011urbino.it

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15th European Microscopy Congress 2012
London, ExCel venue, UK - 16-21 Settembre 2012

The UK microscopy community looks forward to welcoming you to London in September 2012. With an international conference of the highest quality sitting alongside Europe's largest exhibition dedicated to microscopy, it promises to be a truly memorable event. Added to this will be great training opportunities, a programme of technical workshops, and a full social programme. Put the date in your diary and start looking forward to a true festival of microscopy in one of the world's most famous and beautiful cities.

Email: info@rms.org.uk


Nanodrug delivery: from the bench to the patient
10-13 Ottobre 2011 - Aula Pocchiari - Istituto Superiore Sanità - Viale Regina Elena, 299 - Rome, ITALY

After the success of the previous workshop on nanodrug delivery held in Rome in 2010, we are pleased to invite you to attend the congress Nanodrug delivery: from the bench to the patient. The symposium will focus on the various steps involved in the translation of new nanoparticles from the laboratory bench to the patient bedside. During the last decade a large number of nanoparticles have been developed and applied in various fields of medicine, including imaging, diagnosis, therapy and regenerative medicine. They have been specifically designed to promote the transport of diagnostic or therapeutic agents through biologic barriers, to reach defined targets, to mediate molecular interactions, to respond to specific local or external stimuli, and to detect defined biomolecules. Some of them are currently used in clinical protocols, some are in clinical trials, a multitude of them are still in preclinical development. All of them have arised considerable optimism in terms of unanticipated and unlimited opportunities in therapeutic treatment and diagnostics.

Email: nanodrug.delivery@cnr.it

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53rd Symposium of the Society for Histochemistry
12 - 15 October 2011 · Munich · Germany

The 53rd Symposium of the Society for Histochemistry will provide insight into the Current role of Histochemistry in Preclinical and Clinical Research. The “tissue is the issue” remains an important principle for further progress in a frontier research in molecular medicine, molecular and cell biology and pathology. The conference will focus on latest morphology-based methodological developments as well as state-of-the-art technology and applications in research and diagnostics. Particular emphasis will be on Imaging Mass Spectrometry in biomedical imaging and in life science research.

Email: sfh2011@interplan.de


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